SSD VPS Hosting
Our fast, secure and reliable Australian SSD VPS. SSD VPS from only $30 per month, 100% SSD storage, with Windows and Linux OS. Give us a try today.
  • 100% SSD storage VPS
  • Simple, Fast and Reliable VPS
  • Scalable and Flexible
  • Root access / SSH / RDP
SSD VPS Hosting made easy.
Reliable and secure Australian VPS hosting with 100% SSD Storage.

VPS Hosting, or Virtual Server Hosting, provides all the benefits of dedicated hosting with none of the constraints. Dedicated access to CPU, RAM and Storage resources.

Your choice of Operating System and with our powerful control panel you can start, stop, reboot, your VPS with just a few clicks.
SSD VPS Hosting
Plan RAM vCPU SSD Storage IPs Data Transfer Price
VPS1 2GB 1 25GB SSD 1 500GB Data $30/m Click to Order
VPS2 6GB 2 50GB SSD 1 1TB Data $60/m Click to Order
VPS3 12GB 3 75GB SSD 1 2TB Data $120/m Click to Order
VPS4 18GB 4 150GB SSD 1 3TB Data $180/m Click to Order

  • What is VPS Hosting?
    A VPS is an isolated instance of a linux or Windows server, running on virtualised hardware. VPS Hosting offers the advantages of a dedicated server with the cost benefits of a shared hosting environment.
  • Is VPS Hosting expensive?
    VPS Hosting is a cost-effective solution to hosting web applications and similar services. Start with a small server, then purchase more resources if and when your traffic levels require upgrading.
  • Which Operating Systems can be used?
    CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian and Windows 2012/2016 are all available. You you require a custom OS solution, please contact our Sales team.
  • DDOS Protection
    24x7 Enterprise DDOS Protection
  • Simple Control Panel
    Access a powerful yet simple modern responsive control panel to manage your VPS servers.
  • Static IP
    Each SSD VPS comes with a static unique IP.
  • Windows VPS
    Looking for scalable Windows VPS hosting on SSD? Low cost Windows VPS server options available here..
  • Linux VPS
    Linux OS options include CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu
  • Remote Server Access
    You are in full control with remote access to your virtual private servers - RDP and SSH access.
  • Backup
    Free Nightly Backup, 7 day retention